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Single Upright Cooler
Features & Benefits:
Dynamic cooling,self-evaporation water tray ,single verticallight.mechanical control.With hot air blowing from the front bottom and anti-deforst film to relieve the condensation on the glass or air sucking to relieve the heatness of compressor.With lock and key.Self closing door.
Product Details:
Dimensions (mm):
Model:280L          460L        540L
Integral/Remote:Remote      Remote     Remote
Chiller/Freezer:Chiller          Chiller       Chiller
Gross Volume:280 litres   460litres   540 litres 
Loading Quantity :
       54             54                 48
TEMP:   0-7               0-7             0-7
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient

Height:  625   700  700

Width:   560   615  695

Depth:   1850  2050  2050

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