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Glass Door Multideck Cooler(B)
Features & Benefits:
Thanks to the reduced height from the floor,the refrigerated wall cabinetArgust Door,positive temperature ,grants a large loading,capacityand excellent visiblity on the products,The display cabinets with doors are the right answer to a new and increasing market demand related to cabinets which ensure an important energy consumption reduction,together with improved pefformances for products preservation
Product Details:
Dimensions (mm):
Model:D5-4Z(BG) D5-5Z(BG) D5-6Z(BG) D5-8Z(BG)
Integral/Remote:Remote  Remote  Remote  Remote  Remote
Chiller/Freezer:Chiller     Chiller      Chiller    Chiller  Chiller
Gross Volume:750 litres   900litres       1150 litres 1850litres 
Loading Quantity : 40HQ
       16            12                12               8         
Net Weight:190KG     205KG             300KG      400KG 
Operating Temperature:           +1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:1110Watts 1300Watts 1618Watts 2205Watts

Height: 1280 1600 1910 2580

Width:  865    865  865 865

Depth: 2000 2000 2000 2000

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