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Night blind to save energy consumption(reed switch),At-front product presentation without door .Inside light .Small footprint but full height. Comc with side glass panel for clearer view of products even from the sides.Curved canopy with your logo that will distinguish your products from the rest.with a natural propensity for "Discount" supermarkets. The new technical solutions, the use of new materials and the improved design contribute to the development of a highly professional and reliable product.
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Dimensions (mm):

Model:    LD3-2Z(G)                    
Integral/Remote:       Remote         
Chiller/Freezer:         Chiller             
Temperature:           2~7                    
Loading Quantity :40HQ
Floor Area:         1.55m2            
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:          2810W         

Height:  1300      

Width:    800        

Depth:   2015

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