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Air curtain for optimum cooling efficiency.Less heat exchange with ambience.Hot gas evaprtion system.Energy efficiient .Low maintenance condenser. Cassette system . Easy service. A line that exalts the visibility of the goods and ensures a more complete view, enabling the clientele to evaluate the product better and thus increasing sales.
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Dimensions (mm):
Model:LD3-2Z(D1)  LD3-2Z(D2)                    
Integral/Remote:       Remote      Remote       
Chiller/Freezer:         Chiller        Chiller       
Temperature:           2~7             2~7        
Loading Quantity :40HQ
          32                32         
Floor Area:     0.57m2         1.1m2     
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:      1050W        1030W         

Height:  725     1024    

Width:   685      685  

Depth:   1495   1495

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