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Custom designed for easy product access.Intergrate vertical lighting in each post.Electric temperature control with digital readout.Automatic defrost and heated drain pan.Pull down night curtain.Adjust dual position shelves. High impact graphics available. in the sector of visual merchandising and supermarket layouts. Lightness and transparency characterize the architecture to have the minimum impact of the display structure, maximum visibility and enhancement of products on display.
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Dimensions (mm):
Model:LD3-2Z(C1)  LD3-2Z(C2)  LD3-2Z(C3)                   
Integral/Remote:       Remote      Remote      Remote 
Chiller/Freezer:         Chiller        Chiller        Chiller
Temperature:           2~7             2~7         2~7
Loading Quantity :40HQ
          45                 26            22
Floor Area:     0.8m2         1.1m2      1.46m2 
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:  1030W        1400W          1815W 
Height:  700     890     1195 

Width:   700     840       840

Depth:   2015   2015   2015

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