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Small Foot Print-full Height-maximum product facing! Due to its small footprint perfectly suited for promotions in limited space. Very benefical for grad-andgo impulse sales.Elegant eye-catchet. ideal for installation with extreme flexibility in grocery stores of small and medium size. The collection includes a wide range of solutions for specific categories of goods. Standard version with lower closing (feet upon request).
Product Details:
Dimensions (mm):
Model:       LD3-2Z(A)                    
Integral/Remote:       Remote          
Chiller/Freezer:         Chiller              
Gross Volume:     120litres       
Loading Quantity :
          39                      40HQ
Floor Area:    0.55m2            
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:    1065Watts     
Height:  630   

Width:   850   

Depth:   1610     

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