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Display cabinets with ventilated refrigeration with incorporatd compressor,avaiable in NT or ltversion. Thanks to their versatility of use and ease of positioning,they can be placed ahead if the checkout stand or used promotional cabinets. The design is characterized by modem softly rounded lines that ensure high visiblity of the products displayed as offering the possibility of customizing the cabinets on reques. The technical features and the cuttingedge design allow a focused and profitable management of the sales of dairy products, cold cuts and packed fresh meat. The wide Maribor island can be multiplexed thanks to the quick coupling system.
Product Details:
Dimensions (mm):

PIC-55F   PIC-55C  PIC-70F  PIC-70C

Integral/Remote:Remote  Remote    Remote  Remote
Chiller/Freezer:Chiller     Chiller      Chiller     Chiller
Gross Volume:85 litres  85litres    93 litres  93litres
Loading Quantity : 40HQ
 102           102           84             84       
Net Weight:  75KG     75KG     85KG     85KG  
Temperature: -20~-30    2~8         -20~-30  2~8
Remote Refrigeration Duty:

  415W      365W   431W  385W


Height: 550  550   740 740

Width:  683  683   683 683   

Depth: 970  970   970  970

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