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Large fin distance and capacity, super high collar evaporator, quickly pull temperature down and slowly frost forming. Operation Method: Auto defrost, Auto Thermostat, Auto Control. Large capacity for Display Frozen food, Sea food, Ice Cream, have good visual, the customers can easyly to see everything inside. Frost melting is controlled by both time and temperature, for ensuring the freshness of food. The cabinet color, night curtain and non-refrigeration shelves are selectable. Dual basin island, designed and made using advanced technologies which ensure excellent performance and high energy saving. Both basins work at the same temperature.The elegance and essentiality of its line allow better visibility of the products on display, obtaining advantageous ratios on capacity and display surface.
Product Details:
Dimensions (mm):
Model:DL8-15             DL12-15
Integral/Remote:Remote            Remote    
Chiller/Freezer:Chiller                Chiller      
Gross Volume:95 litres            143 litres   
Loading Quantity :
      8                       6                   40HQ
Floor Area:3.98m2             5.97m2       
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:378 Watts         570 Watts 

Height:  2400    3660  

Width:    1500    1500   

Depth:     810       810 

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