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Temprange 0-7,Remote installation,Air curtain ,Mirror or glazed sde panels,5 shelves with under shelf lighting ,bumper rail.BAHIA the slimmest remote wall multi-deck cabinet on the market. BAHIA is the most advanced wall cabinet in its range. It is available in six depths and it can be installed in sales areas where the optimisation of ground-encumbrance reppresents its main characteristic
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Model:D5-6B          D5-8B        D5-12B
Integral/Remote:Remote      Remote     Remote
Chiller/Freezer:Chiller          Chiller       Chiller
Gross Volume:181 litres   241 litres   362 litres 
Loading Quantity :
       6             4                    2
Floor Area:4.72m2     6.29m2       9.43m2
Operating Temperature:+1°C to +4°C in 26°C ambient
Remote Refrigeration Duty:318 Watts 480 Watts 680 Watts


Height:  1830   2500   3750

Width:    995     995      995

Depth:   2020   2020  2020

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