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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Shelf Specifications

A shelf with rollers and flexible dividers which continuously front faces key categories while reducing re-stocking and reset time. Each track consists of many rollers which fit closely together to eliminate friction caused by the product packaging and weight.

The tracks are held together with an aluminum frame, which is designed to help strengthen the shelf as well as allows for air flow when installed in coolers and fridges.

Self Facing

  • Innovative gravity fed roller system
  • Always front facing


  • Fast installation
  • Easy lane adjustability


  • Designed to last in the most rigorous retail environment
product nameWidth (mm)Length (mm)colour
Gravity Roller Conveyor50180/205/230 /
255/280 / 30S /
330/355/380 /
405/430/455 /
480/505/530 /
Black / white
Product stopper20Black / white
bump stoperBlack / white
product divider25Transparent
Acrylic block70Silver
bottom supporter

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