Add Mobile Refrigeration To Your Supermarket

Add Mobile Refrigeration To Your Supermarket

The practice of rotating inventory in customer-facing product displays is a common merchandising tactic for supermarkets, both large and small. Often referred to as flexible merchandising,

This strategy provides an opportunity for retailers to highlight seasonal offerings, promote flash sales and maintain a vibrant store appearance — while giving customers the sense that there’s always something new to discover every time they walk through the doors.

With dry goods, these mobile displays can be moved and rotated relatively easily. But what if the displays are full of fresh or frozen local produce that needs to be refrigerated? For refrigeration fixtures to be viable components of a flexible merchandising strategy, they will need to have built-in mobility to move from one location to another.

Unfortunately, common supermarket refrigeration architectures are often inherently incompatible with a flexible approach. Many outlets have fixed layouts in which refrigerated fixtures and piping are literally affixed into the store’s floor plan with pre-determined insets.

Therefore, mobile refrigeration is necessary for a supermarket. Add mobile refrigeration and make your merchandising more flexible in your supermarket.

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